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Immigrating to Canada PDF Print E-mail
Contemplating immigrating to Canada, or sponsoring a loved one such as a spouse, a same-sex partner, or parents? Wanting to work in Canada or study at one of Canada’s educational institutions? Refused entry to Canada by an overseas immigration officer? Persecuted by governments or state agents abroad?

The process of coming to Canada temporarily or permanently requires more than just the filling out of the necessary forms, but also a thorough analysis of each applicant’s circumstances to determine what supporting evidence is needed, and to prepare thoughtful, complete, and persuasive submissions. Iven K.S. Tse has successfully represented clients from all areas of the immigration spectrum, from the investor, entrepreneur, skilled worker, and student to the visitor, refugee applicant, and sponsored spouse or family member.

For those who find themselves already in Canada but without legal status, Iven K.S. Tse has successfully represented many clients in applying for landing in Canada under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, or through applications for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessments.

In the event that any of these applications are refused by immigration officials abroad or in Canada, Iven K.S. Tse has also successfully represented clients in litigation before the Immigration and Refugee Board, Immigration Appeals Division and also before the Federal Court of Canada.